Our Dear Friend Andy Quintero's Passing

Yesterday we received heartbreaking news that our dear friend, Andy Quintero, senior consultant at ArmStar, died in a surfing accident in Hawaii. We are all in shock and trying to cope with our insurmountable loss. Andy was our rock. He contributed so much in every aspect of our business and we will miss him more than words can express. We offer our love, prayers and deepest sympathy to Andy’s wife, Cristine and family.

ArmStar BodyGuard used at the WEHO Halloween Parade 2013

The ArmStar BodyGuard featured on "Game Changers"

Vignette of ArmStar BodyGuard on "Game Changers" TV program.

The Armstar http://www.armstar.net/ ArmStar is dedicated to providing the future of self-defense in the form of a wearable, hands-free, less than lethal weapon that will include an electronic control device that can stun an aggressor, with additional options, such as cameras and flash lights, that can assist in evidence collection and dissuading the opponent from escalating the situation into a violent altercation.