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David Brown, - Founder, Chairman & CEO

714-307-9151   mobile

714-307-9151 mobile

David Brown is the inventor of The BodyGuard™ and established ArmStar Inc in October 2004. The widely publicized mountain lion attack involving Anne Hjelle occurred near Brown’s home in Orange County, California. An avid hiker himself, Brown was determined to invent a protective device that could protect people and save lives.

Prior to ArmStar, Brown worked as a freelance videographer and recognized early in his career that the future of film making was going to be digital. He became a founding partner of E-3 Media with two other partners and created a High Definition (HD) digital film production house five years ahead of the Hollywood transformation. E-3 Media continues to appeal to and profit from cutting edge film making.

In 1999 Brown began working for actor, Kevin Costner as a personal videographer. Brown continues to work for Costner on behind the scenes video journals, personal projects, as well as covering performances of Costner’s band, Kevin Costner and the Modern West.

Brown is passionate about his work in the film industry and enjoys the benefits of many specialty skills he’s mastered. Currently, ArmStar is his top priority, but he will always stay focused on his love for the adventure of film making.

Kevin Costner - Investor and Sponsor


In 1993 Kevin procured a technology transfer from the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory for a centrifugal oil-water separator. He founded Costner Industries (CINC) and committed the next 15 years, and over $20 million toward research and development, advocacy and outreach on behalf of a rugged, compact portable device that would serve as a first line of defense in oil spill clean up and recovery.  Kevin’s vision and ultimate success with CINC technology is its unparalleled efficiency and success in spill clean up.

Much like bringing a new technology to the market to help with oil spills, one of Kevin’s camera operators, Dave Brown, invented the Bodyguard as a new self defense device inspired by a mountain lion attack in Southern California.

While the mountain lion story was compelling, Kevin was further inspired to support the venture when hearing how the device could help law enforcement and the military better manage crowds with this new form of a less than lethal weapon.

When appropriate, Kevin will help bring awareness to this new technology.

John Bunnell – Sheriff


Work History:

1969-1995: Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, Portland, Oregon.Twenty-seven years as a professional law enforcement officer, Department Commander and Administrator. Retired as Sheriff.

1988-1990: Featured in numerous episodes of COPS on FOX television

1991-1994: Co-Producer and Host of American Detective on ABC

1996-2002: Producer and Host of World’s Wildest Police Videos on FOX

1996-2001: Host of numerous Law Enforcement Specials on

FOX Representative and Spokesman for numerous companies:

  • Masterlock
  • Natural Golf
  • Taser Corporation
  • I.D. Watchdog


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Oregon State University
  • FBI National Academy Graduate, 167th Session